Tiziano Mammana

The Photographer

Not many are aware of my deep affection for being on set and producing images as photo or video. I’ve dabbled in various roles, from bike stunts for an Horror feature film in 2009 in Italy to background in Vancouver and then camera assistant/operator and stills photographer between Vancouver and Los Angeles. Since settling in California my passion has flourished, fueled by the bustling film industry in South California and the daily activity on Los Angeles’s sets. This is why I’m transitioned into the role of a stills photographer, drone pilot and headshots photographer full time, relocating Los Angeles, which I consider my ultimate calling—a blend of both work and passion.

My primary focus lies in capturing the essence of a film’s narrative through imagery, where the photographer’s skill is pivotal in seizing moments on set without disrupting the actors and crew (silent shutter on my camera is a must!). For those unfamiliar, stills photographers play a vital role in creating press and publicity materials for feature films. These captivating images, when utilized effectively, can significantly contribute to a film’s box office success and international sales. Whether working on set to document scenes or orchestrating studio shoots to emulate the film’s aesthetic, unit stills photographers are integral to the cinematic process.